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The Promodlive SD server has the promodlive mod installed. We normally use newest version of the mod. This server has a competitive aspect, because it has nearly the same settings as a warserver has. You can improve your aimskills and tactics, try to play with sound and you can play with your mates and talk in TS, which tactics you are using for that.


This server is running a mod with the following versions: Download - Promodlive210 - promodlive210_ua Download - Promodlive211 - promodlive211_ua Download - Promodlive214 - promodlive214_ua_sd Download - Promodlive217 - pml217_ua_sd Download - Promodlive219 - pml219_ua_sd Download - Promodlive220 - pml220_ua_sd

Custom Maps

This server is running custom maps, which are included in the follow mappacks: Download - Marketcenter - mp_marketcenter Download - Cluster - mp_cluster // There are no mappacks available for this server //