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The Promodlive TDM server has the promodlive mod installed. We normally use the newest version of the mod. This server is more a funmod, than a competitive based server, because you can improve your aimskills and your movement.


This server is running a mod with the following versions:
Download - Promodlive210 - promodlive210_ua
Download - Promodlive211 - promodlive211_ua
Download - Promodlive214 - promodlive214_ua_tdm
Download - Promodlive217 - pml217_ua_tdm
Download - Promodlive219 - pml219_ua_tdm
Download - Promodlive220 - pml220_ua_tdm

Custom Maps

This server is running custom maps, which are included in the follow mappacks:
Download - Marketcenter - mp_marketcenter
Download - Cluster - mp_cluster
// There are no mappacks available for this server //


17.11.2014: Creating the changelog.