Sniper Fun Zone

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The Sniper Fun Zone server has the sniperfunmod installed, which is based on the promodlive mod. This server is a funmod, where you can use both promodlive scopes and gain killstreaks. You can improve your scopeskills on this server and try to get some good looking movement. Please note, that this mod is an exclusive mod from the Universal Alliance.


This server is running a mod with the following versions:
Older versions are not available anymore. Download - Sniperfun V3 - sniperfun_ua_v3
Download - Sniperfun V4 - sniperfun_ua_v4

Custom Maps

This server is running custom maps, which are included in the following mappacks:
// There are no custom maps running on this server // // There are no mappacks available for this server //


17.11.2014: Creating the changelog.